Medium sized companies with more sophisticated reporting requirements

Once your business grows to a certain size, or you become appointed to run such a company, you will no doubt be expected to produce accounting and other financial information, with the confidence of a multi-national finance director. This is extremely difficult when you have limited resources and limited knowledge and experience yourself.

We can offer the support of a fully-qualified Chartered Accountant, at your convenience. This can perhaps be for one full day, once a month, to take the basic figures prepared by your bookkeeper, carry out month end procedures and adjustments, and present the final results in the format required by your bank or parent company. We will also be available throughout the month to answer questions from either you or your bookkeeper to ensure that as much as possible of the work is completed by your own staff in readiness for our arrival.

It can also be for one off assignments, where for example, you are required to prepare an annual profit and loss and cashflow forecast, in readiness for the new year. It might be to assist in presenting your case to secure new finance, or maybe to justify an assistance programme which requires the recruitment of more staff.

We have experience in all these areas, and with the expansion of internet communications, have previous experience in companies linked to Italy, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands, to name but a few.

We can be your Finance Manager, without having to recruit one!