Our Expertise

expert n 1 person with extensive skill or knowledge in a particular field; adj 2 skilful or knowledgeable

Our expertise lies in two main areas, so these are where we concentrate our provision of services:
Small, owner-managed
companies and businesses

You will typically be in business on your own or with one other principal, working in your area of expertise, but wishing you had someone to share the burden of the finance side of your business with.

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Medium sized companies with more sophisticated reporting requirements

You will typically manage more than five staff in a limited company, either a family business or owned by a parent company. You will already employ a bookkeeper, and cannot yet justify employing a full-time Finance Manager, but are now being called upon to complete more and more complicated reports on a regular basis.

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We also pride ourselves on our knowledge of a range of experts in other specialist areas, all of whom we only recommend because we believe them to be experts in their field, too. This includes specialist tax planning and audit registered accountants, and solicitors with commercial, employment and property related specialisms. We also maintain good relationships with all the major business banks, and have access to other lenders. So, if we cannot help you, we will certainly try to find you someone who can.