Small, owner-managed companies and businesses

As we all know, the UK economy is reliant on thousands of small, owner managed businesses like yours. However, equally well known, is that running a small business today involves a small mountain of red tape. We can help provide you with assurance that you are meeting all your responsibilities in relation to HM Revenue and Customs, as well as Companies House.

These responsibilities include:

  • Making VAT returns;
  • Running a PAYE scheme;
  • Filing a Companies House annual return;
  • Preparing statutory accounts for the Registrar of Companies;
  • Completing an annual corporation tax return for HM Revenue & Customs;
  • Submitting your own personal tax return, reporting the correct amount of income tax payable under the Self-Assessment system.

We can take over the running of your weekly or monthly payroll, and/or quarterly VAT returns, or if you are comfortable doing them yourself, be on hand throughout the year with help and advice when you need it. We can also assist in the event that you are selected for either a PAYE or VAT visit.

Many of our clients use Sage accounting software, and this is our favourite too! We can help train you or your staff to use it more effectively, and provide ad hoc advice over the telephone or email.

Finally, we will help prepare your year end accounts and tax return, and present them to you in your preferred format, whether this is a face to face meeting, emailed pdf copy with accompanying notes, or via post with a covering explanatory letter.

We aim to be on hand throughout the whole year - not just at the year end - for you to run ideas past us, check up on latest legislation or simply to remember how to post something on Sage!